Our Mission

"Sahyogini to initiate, support and conduct research as well as action to develop and create self-reliance, empowerment and equity in society through knowledge, action and economizing available and additional resources".

Our Vision

"Sahyogini concerns for the development and creation of an empowered, self-reliance and equity in society".

The Main Objective of Our Organization Sahyogini is:

* To implement government schemes, laws, women rights, child rights, human rights by organizing awareness and empowerment programs on social development issues so that social development can be established.
* To eliminate gender discrimination and establish equality.
* Preventing child marriage, violence against women and establishing a society of equality between men and women.
* Working on vocational training, education, health for the needy people which mainly includes girls, women and youth.
* To connect the deprived sections, women, with self-employment by providing employment oriented education.
* Working together with like-minded organizations, networks and doing advocacy and lobbying for the development of the underprivileged class.
* Working towards environment and cleanliness.

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