About Sahyogini Trust

Sahyogini is a non-profitable and non-government organization which established on 14th April, 2001 and registered under Indian Trust as a charitable Trust.The group of young educated social worker has a reverence for an organization which will serve the deprived, disadvantages and weaker section of society with this psycho the group has registered a charitable trust named 'Sahyogini' on 20th November' 2002. We are working in Bokaro, Ramgharh, Latehar and Dhanbad districts of Jharkhand directly and as a Nodal NGO, in Bokaro district of Jharkhand through CAPART, New Delhi and we provided the database of NGO in Bokaro district.

Organizational Infrastructure:

Over the last 15 years of its existence and the implementation of a variety of programmes and Projects, Sahyogini has developed an effective infrastructure of its own. In a modest office situated in an exclusive and sprawling campus, we have got all the aids and equipments essential for facilitating a smooth implementation of our programmes and projects, e.g., phone, fax, Xerox, scanner, binder, computer, Laptop, a 5 K.V.A. Stabilizer, Three 800 V.A. UPS, 1 two wheelers, 1 Mahindhra Bolero (Four Wheeler), 100 Rickshaw (Thela), a LCD Projector, 3 KVA Generator, a conference Hall (1200sqf), besides furniture and fixtures in adequate numbers and varieties. Sahyogini has got full time accountants skilled at computer accounting.

Organizational Capabilities:

Sahyogini has started from a humble origin of working in a few villages of Kasmar block of Bokaro district on 14 April, 2001. During last 15 years, we have grown into a widely recognized NGO working in four district of Jharkhand viz. Bokaro, Latehar, Dhanbad and Ramgarh. This has been only due to our accountability to our esteemed donors, our credibility with our valuable target groups and our zeal to produce tangible results in untreated terrain. We have implemented a variety of programmes and projects during this eventful period. Starting from a Jumav Munch (women empowerment) supported by Oxfom India Trust. We implemented Farmers Club NABARD, Panchayati Raj N.Y.K,Bokaro, Clean Jharkhand project (Solid waste Management N.B.J.K, Ranchi, To End violence against women in Jharkhand Oxfam India Trust, Non Residential Bridge Course Sarva Sikchha Abhiyan, TI Jsacs, Ranchi, Forum to Engage Men (Oak Foundation/CHSJ) TSC Prakalp Bokaro, NPF Japan, Welfare Department and other project implemented and implementing.

Beneficiaries' Participation in our Activities:

As a change-agent, it has been our constant Endeavour to involve our most valued partners in this pursuit—our target groups. It is our firm conviction that the rural folk might be devoid of the material prosperity but this has been more than compensated by a rich wisdom, simple yet nearer to the truth. We have, all along, been trying to draw maximum benefit out of this treasure. We have developed a modus operandi for this – to promote group deliberations in our target groups wherein we assume the role of good listeners.

Additionally, we believe that our beneficiaries are the best of managers too. As such, we always involve them in the decision making process. Apart from securing their involvement at different levels, we invariably form a Project Management Committee (PMC), separately for each of our projects consisting, interalia, the beneficiaries' representatives and it is the collective decision of these committees which are always final.

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