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Sahyogini has started from a humble origin of working in a few villages of Kasmar block of Bokaro district on 14 April, 2001. During last 18 years, we have grown into a widely recognized NGO working in four district of Jharkhand viz. Bokaro, Latehar, Dhanbad and Ramgarh. This has been only due to our accountability to our esteemed donors, our credibility with our valuable target groups and our zeal to produce tangible results in untreated terrain... Read More...

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We Spread Social Awareness

Spreading social awareness is crucial for creating positive change in society. Sahyogini always run social awareness canpaign in many district in Jharkhand. Like child marriage free India, child labour, campaign against illiteracy etc.

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We Spread Women Empowerment

Promoting women empowerment involves creating an environment where women have equal opportunities, rights, and resources, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Sahyogini always ready to support, help, skilled based training for women empowement in Jharkhand district.

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Empowering young people
to be lead the change

Empowering young people to lead the change involves providing them with the skills, resources, and opportunities to actively participate in and contribute to positive transformation.

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